Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pamela and Namaste

I have been trying more GF (gluten free) mixes lately. Namaste makes good pizza crust mix, and it's so easy to mix up. You can get two large crusts out of one package, which costs around $7.
They have good spice cake mix also.
Pamela has been one of my favorite brands. I have tried the chocolate cake mix--and the varieties on the back of the mix give a dairy-free, egg-free version that is just as good if not better. I added chocolate chips to the mix and mint extract. Then I topped it with mint cream cheese frosting and it was one of the best cakes I'd ever had! Next time, if I make this for my daughter's b-day, I'll have to come up with another kind of frosting which is dairy free. I must say margarine frosting just isn't as good. Perhaps the mint will help.
Yesterday I made Pamela's sandwich bread mix, and it was the BEST!!!!! bread I have ever seen for gluten free. The texture was nice and moist, it sliced beautifully, and holds together great for a sandwich or anything else you'd need a slice of bread for. The yellow cake mix by this same company is also delicious--not too sweet and good texture. This company must have worked hard to do such a good job. I will definitely try the other mixes they make.

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