Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another Gross Gluten-Free Brand

Everything I try lately Arrowhead Mills is bad. Totally not worth the money or one's precious time. The oat flour and yellow cake mix were terrible. Usable, but terrible. Nothing to feed company.
Has anyone out there had any luck with this brand? Until I hear something good, I am on STRIKE!
On the other hand, Bob's Redmill knows what he's doing. I have ALWAYS enjoyed his products, recipes, e-mails (personal and the newsletters--fantastic customer service), and the availability in stores. Even Meijers carries them, along with many other regular old grocery stores. And he's moderately priced, too.
Enjoy Life is another brand that seems mediocre. Some of their cookies are good, being made mostly with sorghum flour and brown rice syrup. Their mini chocolate chips, dairy-free, are Fantastic! Very expensive, but fully worth the price.
So now someone just needs to make wheat free Ritz crackers and graham crackers. It can't be that hard, right?

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